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بث مباشر قناة كوردستان TV

بث مباشر قناة كوردستان TV
فضائية كوردستان مؤسسة أعلامية ثقافية كوردستانية، تسير على نهج الفكر الوطني والقومي والديمقراطي، والعدالة الأجتماعية، والتي تجسدت عمليا من فكر البارزاني الخالد.

Kurdistan TV, media organization cultural Kurdistan, are going to approach the national ideology, national and democratic, and social justice, exemplified by Barzani's thought of practically immortal .

Kurdistan TV, is the product throughout the years of struggle of the people deprived of their freedom and independence , and this space dash effective in overcoming the wall of the rupture and the attempts to silence and gagged and conjectures , and mutilations practiced against the history of the people of Kurdistan , a mirror to reflect the true face of the democratic and humanitarian movement of the Kurdish liberation , and the gate permanent involvement of the people of Kurdistan with the humanitarian community developed , based on the principles of justice, equality and peaceful coexistence among peoples.

The Kurdistan TV message is, to promote and develop the gains made by the Kurdish liberation movement towards historical tasks of the movement and achieve the goals of liberal legitimate according to the principles of self-determination , and spread the concepts of federalism , cooperation and friendship between the peoples and the rejection of bigotry , racism, dictatorship , and to condemn terrorism and to build a civilized society on the foundations of democracy and human rights and the rule of law and equality .

The Kurdistan TV complementary to those convoy cultural that accompanied the struggle of the people of Kurdistan components of national, religious , social , and develop values ​​of liberal and a commitment to its principles of cultural progressive towards collecting speech national , democratic and blended with the human heritage of contemporary, that is committed to the principles of pluralism , dialogue and freedom of opinion and expression , tolerance and acceptance of others , respect for the legitimacy of the other .

Kurdistan TV that is trying to develop the democratic process and the transformation of society to the Kurdistan civil society and the development of all the other factors that have the opportunities for social transformations to walk with the march of civilization , values ​​and its results , which is a call to development and peace and the common interest and mutual understanding .

او اضغط  على هذا رابط لمشاهدة على اجهزة موبايل بدون مشاكل او اعلانات مزعجة
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